Yup, that's right. Everything is back to normal now. I'm back to my emotionally cheery self. I'm recovered from this past weekend, which is good. I talked to my campus friend, Lauren, and she told me what Jess was going through. I really empathize with her. She's got it rough right now. Much worse than me.

Tomorrow night at the meeting, I think I'm going to tell her that she can talk to me if she needs a shoulder to cry on. I'm the queen of heartbreak. I don't know if she'll be comfortable with it, but I'm just offering. It's not like I have any alterior motives either. I honestly just want to help. I always appreciate having someone to vent to.

Spring Break starts this Friday, and I'm excited. I have a big week planned. I'm going to visit some friends out of state for five days. This weekend I'm going to see an SRS surgeon give a seminar. My parents are coming as well as some friends from the LGBT. It should be a good week. I wanted to bring a camera with me, but that didn't work out. How I wish I had an extra $3000 dollars to buy a camera with.

It's actually been a pretty darn good week so far. I'm getting things done and really making progress with the LGBT. A lot of things are now falling into place. That whole "feeling like a failure" thing is gone and has been replaced with "Feeling like a good leader." Let me tell you, it's a lot nicer feeling to have. I think I'll stick with that one as long as the estrogen will let me.

Tomorrow will be a sad day though. My therapist of two years is leaving the clinic I go to. He's moving on to bigger and better places. He was a great therapist and a good friend. He's been there since the beginning of my transition. I'm going to miss him. Thankfully, I am bringing a camera to the appointment. It'll go into my documentary.

Well, my shift is over and I have to get up to the TV station. I have to run the cameras tonight. I'll write about how it goes tomorrow night.