After this past weekend at the conference, I'm really starting to reconsider my emphasis for my major. Right now it's electronic media, which I enjoy. However, that emphasis was cancelled. I can finish it if I want, but many of the classes are no longer offered. I'm wondering if I want to switch the emphasis to public communication. It wouldn't delay my graduation any, and I already have a lot of experience building up. I'm kind of making a professional career out of it. Maybe I should. I'm going to see my advisor and my counselor to get advice. That should help.

I'm also considering dropping a class. This semester is rough. I am not enjoying my advertising class. It doesn't really help me at all, and I am just so bored with it. The worst part is just trying to understand the professor. He's Korean and has a major accent. I spend most of my time concentrating on what he's saying, and because of it, I'm not concentrating on absorbing it. I don't know; it just doesn't seem all that worth it to me.

My leg finally stopped aching. That's a very good thing. I've also gotten enough sleep since Sunday morning. I am feeling so much better. Exhaustion is such a bad experience. I woke up Saturday morning with a sick, queasy feeling because I was so tired. I shouldn't drain myself that much. Speaking of which, I should really get to bed. It's late and I need sleep. Good night all.