Hi everyone,

I just updated the diary pages. I think this is a much more functional design. Now I can post pictures and not worry about the menu disappearing under it. Here is an example of a recent picture of me.

<%image(20041218-Lesbian Wanted.jpg|488|734|Lesbian Wanted)%>

Yes, I know it makes me a walking personal ad, but hey, I have to advertise somehow. How else will I get the word out that I'm extremely single. What do you mean flirt with girls and be more social? Anyway, I've been writing more poetry lately. I will post that soon. Since the semester is officially over as of today, I can finally relax and write more of what I want to write. You should be seeing more of that if I have anything to say about it. Well, I'm off to bed. It's been a long day. G'night.