Bench Warmer

Wonder why its called that...

this bench is warm my foot.

I've been sitting here for years and

it's never gotten warm.

I talked to the coach,

but she just ignored me.

kinda like the rest of the team.

The other girls laugh at me when I'm gone.

I know they must because

they smirk when they look at me.

It's not a nice smirk either, no ma'am.

It's the kind that makes you feel like

you're not welcome.

It's because I haven't gotten to play yet

I'm sure of it. I just need a chance...

a chance to prove myself.

I can play, I really can.

Once they see that, then...THEN

I'll be a real member of the team.

I just need that one chance.


Please put me in.

Coach? Coach?