Yesterday was your pretty average day. You know...driving, school, meetings, getting the state university system to add gender identity and expression to their non discrimination policy... Your average stuff. Yeah, I'm amazed too.

I participated in a panel of students yesterday that went before the governing body of people for the entire University system of the state. The emphasis was on the Inclusivity Initiative that's being implemented. Basically what the initiative is designed to do is to further integrate and promote GLBT students in the system (like with curriculum infusion, creating safe spaces, Domestic Partnership benefits, etc). The panel itself focused on student experiences being GLBT on campus.

I talked about the difficulties of getting a job and finding appropriate bathrooms to use during my early transition. It really seemed to have an impact. When they heard that the system and state don't offer trans people any protections at all, they were really surprised. At the committee meeting afterwards, they decided to make adding gender identity and expression to the non-discrimination policy a priority. I was so suprised and happy to hear that. Also, several of the board members were making bold statements about needing to take a stance against the impending state marriage amendment. That's just as cool.

I got an e-mail today about it, and there was a quote in it I want to post here. It just really makes me feel great. "What we thought would take five years, Jessica accomplished in an afternoon." I am so proud to have helped make a difference for all trans people going to public universities across the state.

In other news, today was the last day of classes. I got my speech done and now only have a little catch up work left. I have one last paper to write and turn in by Monday. It shouldn't be too bad by any means. Finally my stress is over with. I can relax for a little bit. This weekend will be so nice. I am going to sleep a LOT.

On another happy note, Audrey and I have been talking a lot. My crush on her has been the best crush I've ever had. I say that because for once I have very few expectations. I expect we'll remain good friends, if not close friends. I also expect it wont go beyond that. For some reason, I haven't gotten my hopes to sky rocket at all. That's wonderful. We've been talking a lot too. Yesterday we both pledged to make each other smile at least once a day. I think that's cool. She'll be back in town here in another week or so. I wont get to physically hang out again until January when I get back from home. It'll be fun though. I'm looking forward to it.

Well, that's all for now. I'll write more soon since school is lighter. Of course, it'll probably be so much more boring because of my lack of stuff to do. Oh well. Bye.