I've already broken the "buy nothing day" vow. I bought a soda and a candy bar. What can I say? I needed the caffiene. I'm so tired right now. The drive home last night was a bit much for me. I ended up getting five hours of sleep. Not so happy about that. Sleep is a good thing. Especially enough sleep.

Thanksgiving for me wasn't too bad. It was at my aunt's house. A lot of family was there. My little sister didn't have her boyfriend there, which meant I wasn't the only person alone again. Thank God. For once a family holiday wasn't depressing. I got to talk to several of my cousins and share some advice about classes and such. It was good to see some of them. I hadn't seen one or two of them in years.

The food ended up being several hours late. The turkey wasn't ready when it said it was supposed to be. Regardless, it was good. For me it was pushing it though. I had to leave by 7:00. Food was served at 6:15ish. So, despite the relaxing time before dinner, I still felt like I had to eat and run. The triptophan set in on my drive home too. I had to stop and get some coffee to make it back safely. I know my sleepy limits though. So that's good. I know exactly when it's time to stop.

I'd have to say that the best part of this holiday was the normalcy. For once it wasn't uncomfortable. People were just accepting and considered me to be normal Jessica. That makes me happy. There were a few male pronouns used, but I purposely "didn't hear" them. I'm thinking that will get slowly better with time. My parents have it down now. So at least that's good.

Today was a fairly dull day though. I worked from 7:45 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon. I made my first large mistake since I started working in IT. I was going through a complicated process to restore some old e-mails through outlook and inadvertantly deleted the person's inbox. Complete accident. Hopefully he can get his e-mails back through our backup system. I don't have any control about that. Still, I feel like a cigarrette butt in someone's pocket. And with that, i'm going to end this wonderful post. Have a wonderful day.