My favorite was difficult this year. I have been talking about how I was going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year since sometime last year. I was excited about it and couldn't wait. Well, I wasn't expecting to be so busy during the month of October that I would have no time to sew. I didn't get to start my costume, aside from going out to get supplies, until last Thursday night. I sewed for several hours and got pretty far. I was proud of what I accomplished. However, I got the daunting feeling that I wasn't going to finish it in time.

I was right. Due to my production manager job at the TV studio, I couldn't touch the costume on Friday at all. So, Saturday was my last ditch effort. I worked on the costume for 7 hours solid. I got very far. I finished the bodysuit with one exception. I hadn't sewn the built in bra in yet. I had yet to make the belt, the tiara, the bracelets, the golden W that goes across the chest, and hadn't cut out any of the 20 some stars that had to go on the lower part. Needless to say, by 2:00 am on Sunday morning, I had a long way to go. I pretty much just gave up and went to bed.

Sunday I had to be at the TV studio most of the day to work on "Livin on the Edge", the hour long show that airs tonight. It was all the production department's job. So after my department edited their segments, I had to put the whole thing together so it had some cohesiveness. On top of that, one of my people didn't do their job. So I had to frantically put one segment together. It was a mad rush all day to get the project done. I finally finished it at 2:00 am last night.

Now, we have mandatory all staff meetings every Sunday night. And since this one was on Halloween, we decided to do a meeting in costumes and with candy. I of course couldn't wear my half finished costume, so I had to throw something else quickly together. Some black clothing, a couple red bandanas, a belt with a chain on it, some black boots, black eyeliner, my fencing sabre, and a cape I made five years ago all put together made me one sexy pirate. The belt worked perfectly because there was a metal loop the sabre could go through. It made the "Shhhhhhhink" sound when it was pulled out or put in. I liked it. I got a lot of compliments on the outfit too.

So it wasn't a total waste by any means, but it wasn't what I had hoped for. I didn't really get to enjoy the day at all. It was just a constant rush to get things done. I hope next year isn't as busy...though likely it will be.

Speaking of busy, I register for classes already tomorrow. How crazy is that? It doesn't feel like it should be time to do that yet. I guess considering it's November already, it shouldn't be surprising.It just came so fast. I'm not prepared at all. That's my goal for tonight after the show airs. I have some of the classes I need selected. I just don't have all of them. It shouldn't take me long to settle on a plan though. Then I can set my work hours too. I think I'll get whatever I want. I'm one of the first people to register since I'm a super-senior.

Anyway, that was my exciting...or lack thereof...weekend. I hope yours was better. I have to go now and eat something. I havent' had a meal all day, and it's dinner time. Bye. :)