I've used that pun one too many times today. Anyway, I had a good day. I finished classes and decided to visit the local electrolysis place I found online. I stopped in and they were all happy to meet me. They did a free consultation on me right then. It was something that would have taken 30 to 45 minutes normally, but they liked me so much, I was there two hours. I got to experience all of the different types of treatments. Some of them were very painful. In fact, I'd put it at about how painful laser would be without pain killers. That's pretty painful. But, not all of the methods were as bad. In fact, they were very tolerable. I could handle it no problem.

They were great too. I got a lot of compliments. They told me that they weren't sure if I was a transperson or not when they met me. It wasn't until they asked me what the "hairgrowth" was from that they knew. That's a huge compliment. One of the ladies mistook me for some other girl. She may have felt like she was insulting me by that, but again, compliment. I couldn't have enjoyed it more.....ok well maybe I could if there was no pain involved, but you can't have everything.

The best part is there is a possibility I may get really good rates there. If so, I could start right away. Otherwise I may have to wait until I get a job. Hopefully that wont be too long. We will see. They said something about a "results model" too. But I'm sure I'll get more information as things progress. At this point, I'm all for it. I love being a help to anyone I can be.

OK, now I should be a help to my professor and get enough sleep so I'm not falling asleep in class this morning. Good night all.