Today I had developmental blues. The fact that I've now been on HRT for six months and still have not seen any breast development is very depressing. I've talked to a lot of girls on hormones too, even at earlier points with more development than me. My optimism is very quickly fading. I wear a training bra now, but it's not because I need one. The only development I had was the initial nodule formation in the first two months. Since then, I've had nipples that practically poke people in the eyes. When I went back to school, I decided I didn't want to be doing that anymore. So, that's the only reason I started wearing a bra.

I have until October to have some sort of development, otherwise my endocrinologist is going to discuss my options with me. I have a feeling I wont see any changes by then though. I already know I'm not. This issue combined with my perpetual loneliness has really gotten me down lately. I just hope in these next few weeks, something good happens.