Today was a really full day. I've now actually started working at my job in the production staff at the station. I not only had a full day of classes, I also had to go help with the production of one of the in house shows for a couple hours. After that was the LGBT meeting that went another two hours. After that I finally got some fun time. All the cool people in the LGBT went out to eat at a local restaurant. It was a blast. I made a bunch of new friends and we most likely made the other patrons of the restaurant very uncomfortable. I believe there was an Amish family and your average three kid family there too. They left halfway through our visit. You could taste the apprehension in the air from people outside our group. We really didn't care and just enjoyed ourselves. It was a great time.

The best part of the whole thing is that we are only two weeks into the semester. I think in that time, I've doubled the size of my support group. Now I have people who give me hugs whenever I want and that can at least somewhat relate to me. It's so early in the year too. By the end of it, I'll have lifelong new friends. I think tonight was a taste of things to come. I think that even though I'll be busy as all hell over the next school year, I am going to have the greatest school year ever. I'll have to follow up on that in May.

I'm also very excited about tomorrow. It's my first voice lesson for this semester. We'll see what they have to suggest for me now that I've been speaking feminine for months. Also, my sixth laser treatment was moved up to Saturday. So, as of then, I'll be flat broke. Isn't that fun? But anyway, I should get some studying done before bedtime. I'll write soon. Good night.