Tonight was yet another good night. I had a "listening party" with a girl from my music theory class. We were intending on studying since she's a little behind in class. However, she and I ended up talking for hours. She had no idea I was trans, but had learned the other day from me that my name had changed at one point. She asked then why, but I told her I'd tell her at the party. So, that's what happened. She couldn't wait much longer before asking me about my name.

So I told her, and she was surprised and a good way. She was totally not expecting that. She didn't even realize how much of a compliment it was. So we talked for a couple hours. Then we went to a local place to see a band play. It was one of the cooler bands I've ever seen. I thought it was awesome. I actually danced. That's amazing. The group was called "Madison Greene" and they had a very cool style. I'd watch them again.

After the band and everything, she and I hung for a while and talked a little more. I knew she was straight before I got to know her though. No surprises there. She's a really cool person and I hope becomes a great or even best friend. I couldn't be happier if she did. OK, well after all that excitement, I need some sleep. G'night all.