Wednesday was a really great day. I went to my first class, and learned that my professor basically goes over all the reading in class thus removing the need to read as much. After class there was a big campus organizations bash on the campus mall. I decided to find the LGBT booth and say hi. Well, I ended up spending two hours there. It was a grand ol' time. I met a lot of people and got a lot of hugs. Everyone there was giving me compliments stuff too. It felt so good to be loved instead of feared.

I was also happy to be introduced to several lesbian girls. That was nice. I need more of those in my life. Hehe. Yeah, anyway, the anime appreciation booth was a couple tables down. So I spent a lot of time switching between both groups. I'm a big fan of both. I made a lot of friends. I think I'll actually go to meetings now. That's something I've had no desire to do for quite some time now. So yeah, good times.

Later, I got to go to my campus job. That wasn't so bad either. I got to see a lot of old friends, and have a good time. The free food was good too. After the open house was over, I got to do my homework on the job. My brain was a bit tired cause the day was so energetic, I was worn out. I had trouble focusing on my work, but I think it was worth it. I'm so happy to be back at school. The homework doesn't bother me. However, if I don't get to bed now, I'm going to pass out tomorrow at some point. So, with that, good night.