It's the last day of work for me today. I go back to school on Monday, and I really can't wait. This last week all I've been doing at work is daydreaming about moving in and starting school. It's sad. I never would have expected that as a kid, but I really do want to get back to it. All I see at work is back to school shoppers with their piles of school supplies. If I get anymore of those customers, I think I'm going to go crazy though.

I hung out with another old friend this week. I swear, this summer has been hang out with random old friends summer. It was a good time. We caught up and she told me that she thinks I'm such a cool person. I have the greatest friends. I'll miss the ones here when I go back up to school. The people at my job all seem so genuinely upset that I'm going back to school and leaving them. It's touching.

I took some pictures with my friends at work yesterday. One of them was with a girl I have had a crush on all summer. She's just gorgeous. She put her arms around me too. My smile in the picture is completely geniune cause of it, too. She's probably completely oblivious to my crush too. I probably wont ever know on that one. Oh well. Yeah, the pictures I took are actually good pictures of me, but I can't use them cause the people in them don't want to be on the site. I didn't expect them to, but it totally figures. I finally get a good recent picture and I can't use it.

I had a lot of steam I had wanted to blow off recently, but I always seem to forget what it was at this time of night. Maybe if I wrote these entries when I'm awake, I'd have more coherent thoughts. We'll see after school starts. Anyway, time for bed. G'night.