So tonight I hung out with a small group of old high school friends. It was fun. Definitely a different event for me though. I don't normally go where there are throngs of people, most of which are consuming alcohol. But the band was really good. I had fun with the girls despite the lack of the "dancing gene." My two sisters inherited that one. So, throughout the time the band was playing, I felt like a moron.

The one thing I hate about being in large groups of people are the eyes. I'm always uncomfortable when people are looking at me. I can't tell if they realized I'm trans or not. I know some of them had to have. I'm just glad no one tried to hit me over the head or something. Hmmm...that's funny. I guess there is a bit of my mom's pessimism in me. I didn't think there was.

Oh, and yesterday was a day off....finally. I spent a lot of my day with one of the Snots. My little sister. I was surprised that she wasn't a brat all day. In fact, we had a good time. It was incredible. We went grocery shopping, played video games, made muffins, among other things. It was really a good day. Maybe there's hope for my sister and my relationship yet. Well, I'm off to bed.