Well, today was interesting. While I was working at the movie theater, the place was robbed.....sort of. We had a short change con artist come in. It was an old black lady, probably in her mid to late fifties, about 5'5". She didn't buy a ticket, just wanted change for her fifty dollar bill, or wait....now it's a hundred dollar bill....and so on and so on. She confused two of our staff members resulting in $350 bucks. The cameras show her snickering as she left. This all happened while I was upstairs starting movies. So, I was unaware anything happened until 5:30 when I was supposed to leave.

After I heard what happened I wondered if this lady hit all the local places. One of my coworkers was like "Na, she wouldn't be that stupid." But, I figured she would be. She was obviously dumb enough to walk into a place with fully visible security cameras and work her magic, so she'd be dumb enough to try several places. Sure enough, I went to Wal-Mart next door and found out she got about 50 bucks there too. It was then that I came up with an idea for a local area crime phone chain between the businesses in the area. I told my boss and she liked the idea too. I'm going to speak to my other boss tomorrow and see what they think. It would have prevented a lot of problems today if we had that in place.

Aside from that, my chest has been bothering me quite a bit as of late. It's not the throbbing growing pains, but mainly just the nipple. They're just so extremely sensitive. If they are even brushed, it hurts quite a bit. Feels like sharp pains...almost like pins. Thank goodness I haven't run into anything recently. Oh boy...that'll suck when it does happen though. Let's hope that's a long way off.

Well, that's about it for today....g'night.