Today was nice. I slept in 11:30. It was a peaceful sleep too, much unlike Sunday morning. I spent most of the day loafing around. Went online for a bit. That sort of thing. There was a new game on that was just excellent. I did my laundry, played a video game...the Fellowship of the Ring, it's loads of fun, and then I went and visited my friend at his store. That's always fun, though I should really learn to role play instead of just watching the game like I have been doing. Two other people I hadn't seen in almost a year showed up too. We had a good time. The four of us hung around after the store closed and had a lightsaber fight in the parking lot. I'm glad I keep those things in the car. I hope we can have more fun like that soon. It's great for making me smile and happy.

On two other happy notes...first, I met a new t-girl. She's a couple years younger than I, but she's really nice. She lives somewhat local, so we're going to hang out on Wednesday. We're both excited about that. The other cool thing...I got a call from an old high school friend tonight. She's lesbian, and we haven't seen each other in years now. She's going to be coming to my party too. It's going to be cool. So, overall, a great day. I hope tomorrow keeps up the good Karma...I work 14 hours. Boy I can't wait. We'll see, I'm sure. Time for sleep. Good Night.