This weekend sucked. I worked the whole time again. But what's worse, Sunday was supposed to be my day to sleep in. What do I wake up to? My mother in a heated mood arguing and yelling at everyone in the house. The vaccuum is going too. I couldn't sleep. What a great way to start off the day. They after I finally decide to deal with it, I got up and went downstairs. During breakfast it was more of a yelling fest. Everyone was upset. And cause of that, I was upset for the next four hours. It really spoiled my day.

Three customers at separate times yesterday laughed at me to my face. They talked about me like I couldn't hear them. What a bunch of jerks. I cried later. In that melancholy mood, I drove around and looked at stuff from my childhood. Then I went looking for food and started crying at the grocery store. Thankfully I ran into a friend of mine. She helped calm me down and offered to talk after she was done working. The other good thing that happened this weekend was that an old friend of mine finally decided to talk to me instead of being wigged out. So, at least we're making progress here.

I'm sure you're all dying to hear what happened with the whole sexual harassment thing though from months back. Well, it took two months of work. I was on paid leave the whole time, but my boss finally got fired. I was so happy too. It happened during finals week of school, so it brought joy to me during my mass of tests to take. I ended up getting a large check too. Around $550...not that the money was very important at all. I was just happy to be done with the whole thing.

And on another happy note, I got a 3.62 this past semester. Go me. I kick ass. I hope my grades stay that high. With my transition going as well as it is, I think I'll be fine. I can't wait for school to start again actually. It's a lot better than working full time and putting up with bitchy sisters. September is taking it's sweet time getting here. Anyway, I'm sleepy. Time for sleep. G'night.