I have only one thing to say to the consumers of Wal-Mart: DEBIT CARD. I'm sick of people taking ten minutes to write out a check, then I need to get an ID from them...let the damn thing read the check, print it, then finally be done. Debit Cards were designed for speed and ease. Start learning to use them.

OK, enough complaining. I did learn today that getting enough sleep the night before makes the whole day go better. I'm going to try that more often from now on. I don't remember if I mentioned that a week ago was my fourth laser treatment. I'm still shedding and will be for at least two more weeks. So far, the annoying areas are still there, and due to the laser, they are darker and more visible. It seems to draw attention only from the children though. I find that odd. They are looking up at me and the hair must create more of a shadow from that angle or something. It's either that, or adults are just better at covering up. Could go either way there.

The other thing that recently happened was my sister's graduation party. It went really well. I had planned on wearing a skirt, but that didn't end up happening. Still, my whole family was really nice. I got a lot of "Didn't recognize you at first"s and "You look great"s. So, that was good. I had to tell the same story and details several times though. That got old. I'm a really lucky t-girl though, to have such a great family. Too bad my sisters have to be snots most of the time. To think that if I had been born a female, I would have turned out that way too. Maybe it's better being trans in that respect. Oh well, I'm going to get some sleep again tonight. Good Night all.