Well, last night marked the second night this week in which I've been up later than 3:00 am. Both times were with friends coming over. Last night was by far the better of the two. I did not regret being up that late by any means. I would do it again if I could, and I may. The night started at about 6:00 pm. I was home from school and cleaning up a little while I prepared for going to work that night. I wanted to get some editing done. Well, that didn't happen.

I had also wanted to go to the Humane society to look at the kitties. When my friend Emily IMed me asking me what I was doing, I said I was going to look at kitties. She got all excited and asked if she and a few others could come along. I was like, "Sure, why not". So with a full car, we headed out to look at kitties together. It was fun. I loved playing with the cute ones. There were a few mean ones though too. I guess that happens.

After that we went to the evil store (Wal-Mart) and looked around. Wasn't too exciting. We then headed to my place and spent the night watching a movie, eating good food, and having a fun time. At three in the morning, we were starting to get tired out, but all in all, I could have kept going. It was fun. I decided that if I wanted to be sane today, I had to take them home then. Tonight we're going to see the Matrix. So, I hope it's as good as some say it is, and not as bad as others claim it is. I'm trying to keep my expectations low so I can't be disappointed.

I knew last year that when I checked out my apartment, this place would be great for entertaining people. I had hoped that I would have friends over frequently, get to watch movies and just have fun. Well, my wish came true and I do have the hang out apartment. I hope it stays that way over the summer too.

Oh, by the way, I ran into Rachel today, the lesbian activist and friend on campus. I happened to ask her about a certain cute brunette that I had been noticing lately. I had wondered by the way she was looking at me and randomly saying hi even though I didn't know her name that she was interested in me. Well, Rachel told me her name and that she's on her floor in the dorms. Judging from her reaction, she's just another cute straight girl. She didn't actually say it, but I could tell. Well...there's another bubble popped. That's three so far this semester....but who's counting.

Well, I'm at work and I better get back to it. Later all.