All I have to say is, I can't wait till this winter break when I get my kitty. Being at home on nights like tonight, all by myself....I can't take it. I need someone here. Phone calls and messengers are nice and all, but they still leave me feeling distant. I love the nights I get to spend with people so much. I wish every night could be Tuesday night, so I could spend more time with my friends from the LGBT. I love that group so much. I tried calling my friend Gary tonight, but he wasn't around.

Aside from Gary and the LGBT, the rest of my friends really make me feel like I'm just a waste of time. Like, they'll acknowledge me when they have to, but aside from that, I feel brushed off and ignored most of the time. Just further proof that people are uncomfortable with the trans-girl. I'm so grateful for the real friends I have. Life would be pretty much unbearable without them. I don't know if they know that, but I'll have to show them in some way. I'm sure I'll think of something.