I've recently decided that I really don't want to put all the stupid little details of what I did the past week in here. Plus, I looked at some friends blogs and saw that I'm really friggin lazy with mine. My friend Rachael here writes in hers, though not much in some of the entries, several times a day. The entries are more thought provoking than mine have been lately too. So I think I'll actually have more fun and post some interesting stuff. Though, I know I will be happier after this semester is over and the new version of the diary script is in place. These blogs will be more personal then.

So, this weekend I got to meet my friend Gary's family. They are really awesome. The one thing about them that really impresses me is that they are Catholic and yet extremely open minded and accepting. They truly believe that judgement is not their job. They also have a very liberal view on Bible interpretation just like me. Apparently their preist preaches the same principles. That amazed me. I would have never thought that would happen. I guess that's my stereotype of Catholicism kicking in. I think my best friend from school has strengthened that stereotype for me over the years.

I think the biggest thing for me this past weekend was that I for once didn't feel ashamed to believe in God like I once did. I think maybe the healing process for my faith is really moving now. Now that I know there are Christians out there that support me and my cause, I don't feel so alone anymore. Maybe someday I'll be able to believe again. I don't think it'll be the same way as I once did, but I think that's a good thing. I've matured spiritually enough to know better than simply following blindly. I think when I come out of this slump, I'll have a stronger faith than I had before. No one will get in my way.

The other cool thing about this weekend was Emily. She's a girl that goes to my school here and for a while had a thing for Gary. We're good friends now. She's so cool and comfortable around me. I know she's not a lesbian, and so does she, but that's ok. This weekend, while watching a movie with Gary's family. She and I cuddled. It was nice. I haven't experienced that in ages. I really like the new friends I've made. I think I've found some new lifelong friends. At least, I hope so. Well, I'll try to write more frequently even if it's not so in depth as this entry. Maybe later tonight then. Bye.