Wow, what a fun week and a half. I've been all over the place. Last week was a short week of school. We had Friday off for "Fall Break". One day....incredible. I don't understand why it's called a break. We should at least get four days off for a break. That should be a law or something. Anyway, On Wednesday last week, I was officially and individually invited to a Halloween party about three hours away. So, Friday, after work, I headed out there.

Turns out, the party wasn't much of a party. It was more of a meeting with some people dressed up. It was definitely informative, but not really fun so much. I felt very out of place too. I was about 20 years younger than most of the people there. It was just awkward for me since I spend almost all of my time with 20-some year olds. That night, I ended up sleeping at one of the group member's homes. It was again, awkward. I didn't really relate to this person. She was nice, and very accomodating, but we just didn't connect. I also got the sense she doesn't have company over that often or get out much. But hey, I was grateful.

Saturday I drove out to a different town to visit some friends. Turns out they were having a party Saturday night. So I joined them. This time, it was a blast. We watched old cheezy horror films, like "Reanimator" with Jeffrey Combs. I slept there that night and had the company of a couple kitties. If I could, I would have taken Otto kitty home with me. He's so adorable. Plus, I want a kitty anyway. Too bad I can't have that one. Saturday night just rocked over all though. I'm really glad I got to go.

Sunday I basically spent most of in the car. I drove all the way back home, which was about four hours. It wasn't so exciting.

Monday rolled around and it was definitely a strange day. I wasn't exhausted like I usually am, since I got over 2 hours of sleep that night. All day I was alert and didn't fall asleep in class. The most amazing part is that when I got home, and after I ate....I did homework! Can you believe it. I actually got all my homework done for the next day. I haven't done that since my first week of classes. Then, I got 8 hours of sleep for Tuesday! Two completely odd events happening in the same night. Weird.

Tuesday was great. All my classes were fine, but it was the LGBT meeting that was the best. It was lesbian film night. We watched "Better than Chocolate" which was very cute. There was a hot redhead in it. Anyway, we had a lot of laughs, as usual. I also learned that one of the officers positions will be open in the Spring. I'm really thinking of running. I think it'd be a cool opportunity. On top of that, there was this new girl there. She introduced herself to me, and I was quite surprised by that. She's a cutie.

After the movie, we all went out to Perkins again. I have a car, so I drove people. She was one of the people I drove. It's the "after meeting" party that we usually have now. Well, this girl sat across from me at the table. We joked and talked all night. She seemed like she was really enjoying herself. I suppose though, I also had the benefit of having the most annoying person sitting to her right as well. So I probably was incredibly intruiging then. But anyway, when it came time to head back home, we all headed to the cars again. Funny though, the other two people I was taking besides her seemed to "coincidentally" find other rides. So it was just her and me in the car. We chatted the whole way home while I contemplated giving her my number. When we got to her place, I suggested she come with the LGBT people to our Halloween party on Friday. She almost turned me down. She told me she had talked to her friends about going to the gay bar in town, but wants to go with us too. She then asked me for my number...which totally saved me the trouble of giving it out. So yeah, I'm still waiting for a call. I really hope it comes too. We will see.

Today was nothing special, just went really quickly. I wont get into detail cause yesterday was so much cooler. So yeah, I have to see my endocrinologist tomorrow morning. She's going to take measurements. So, if I haven't seen any real development, we have to discuss options. I'm kind of worried. I'll write something tomorrow about it. Hopefully I can write about a phone call as well. Alright then, off to bed. G'night.