This weekend sucked. Whoa....deja vu....yeah, anyway, as I suspected it was frustrating having my parents staying at my apartment this past weekend. My little sister tagged along too. I got some food out of it, and I guess a little bit of fun. But mainly it was just a lot of stress for me. Almost my whole family in my single person apartment. It was just too much. My sister spent almost the entire time on her computer, forgetting that others may have a need for it aside from checking their e-mail and playing Spider Solitaire. And my Dad just turned on football and watched that all night. I only watch football when I have to. Breakfast the next morning was excellent. I will admit that. My mother brought a waffle iron along. Homemade waffles are the best. However, I think the worst part of the weekend was the insulting of one of my better friends for selling my sister a crappy computer. I know he didn't intend it, and I know what was inside and what was wrong. They, however, don't listen to reason. And they called me cruel this summer for being upset with my other friend. We ended the visit with a fight. My little sister wasn't extremely gracious that I fixed her computer at all. Just wonderful.

I did manage to get my student loan application finished and processed while my parents were there. That was important. I needed them there to cosign for me. So, that got mailed today. Hopefully in a couple weeks I should be actually ok moneywise. That'll be nice. I'm planning on two important things. First, pay off one credit card. Two, pay for rent early, and three, start body electrolysis. I've been wanting to do that for a while now.

Well, tomorrow is the day I speak at the LGBT meeting on campus. I e-mailed the president last week with my schedule and stuff, and he e-mailed back with an offer to do it on Tuesday. So I figured, sure...what the hell. I forgot I haven't done this speech in a while and need to brush up a little. So, here I am in the computer lab reading through my stuff. Most of it I remember, it's just the minute details that I need to clear up again. If only my computer didn't Speaking of which, I should have a computer running again by the end of the week. Some of my parts should be here by Wednesday. The rest I'm not sure on. Hopefully they all work and I wont have issues again. THAT would suck.

On a different note, I read Lauren's letter and it reminded me a lot of what I felt for a while on my ex. I got so attached and couldn't let go. Finally this summer, when I found out she was engaged, and then this semester finding out she's married already, that closed the door finally. I didn't have to let go the same way, but the same feelings Lauren had hold true. I held on to that memory of her, just hoping she would come back to me. Or maybe I'd get to spend a few more days or weeks with her. And then it was, maybe I'll get to just see her once more. Even with that small wish in mind, I clung on. I think when the door slammed closed this summer, I let go, fell about six feet before I landed and realized that it wasn't all that hard letting go. I kinda wish I had done it a while ago. Too bad.

Anyway, I really should get back home and back to studying for my piano quiz tomorrow. I already know I'm going to suck it up really bad on it. I hate those quizzes more than any other test. It's the only one I get nervous for anymore. I'll write about the speech tomorrow if I can, otherwise I'll write sometime soon. Good night all.