OK...I'm going to make sure I get enough sleep in the coming weeks. Today, I had the worst headache and felt like I wanted to puke. I never get headaches. I actually skipped a class today to get some sleep because I felt so sick. Maybe I am actually getting sick...who knows. But yeah, no more late nights and early mornings for me. I don't want to be in that state all the time. I was no fun at work because of it. Class sucked too. That's why I just went home and slept. I ace the tests in the class I missed anyway. I'm sure the professor has lost no faith in my ability.

I'm not very excited to have my parents stay here tomorrow. It'll be interesting. I spent my entire Friday night here cleaning my apartment so that it looks and smells nice when they get here. They're coming to see the half-time show that I'm in with the marching band. My little sister is visiting from her college too. I guess it'll be ok. She's going to be taking her computer back to school with her though, which means I wont have one anymore after tomorrow. That's good though, because I have a paper due Monday that I'll need to write on Sunday. Not having a computer here will force me into the computer lab and actually work on it. If I were here at home, I'd be distracted by everything. I'm so busy this week too. I'm speaking for the LGBT meeting this tuesday, and I'll need to prepare for that. I'll write my entries when I'm at work or in the computer labs.

You know what would figure? Tomorrow night I'll get a call from the girl I gave my number to last night at the Coming Out day rally. And I'll have to tell her no cause I'm housing my parents for the weekend. I sure hope that doesn't happen. I'd be so disappointed. Anyway, yeah...on to that sleep thing I said I was going to get. Good night all.