Well, I had hoped that the weekend would prove to be better than the days before. I'll admit that they weren't as bad, but they were still bad. Friday I took my exam in the morning. I wasn't prepared enough for it at all. I guessed on a lot of the questions. I am just not having the best semester. I don't think I bombed it, but I didn't do stellar, that's for sure. I found out later that day that my piano midterm was next week. The guy who told me didn't have time to tell me the details of what I needed to know for the test. So I was slightly out of luck there. That just ruined any possibility of relaxation over the weekend. I had to work Friday night. It was rather uneventful. One of the local high schools had it's homecoming that night, so hardly anyone came to the movies. Made for a very slow night.

Saturday was easy at first. I slept late. Took the morning slow and had to work that night. It was busy. Unfortunately, I had to work with the new guy again. There's nothing wrong with him, he just works slow. He's new. That's to be expected. The problem was that our manager is a jackass. He seems to be very unprofessional. He wreaks of booze and insults his employees in front of customers. Boy, was I happy to be there working that night.... I had to close the place too, which meant being there until almost one in the morning. The rest of my week was starting to weigh on me again, and I eventually had to hold back my emotions. I was still visibly upset, and my friend that I was working with started asking me stuff. I shared with her as much as I could about it, but as with most, she doesn't understand. When I got off of work, I cried hard on my drive home. I drove slow to be safe. It was hard to see through the tears. I composed myself when I got home. My roommate got home at about the same time, and thankfully he had no idea I had been crying. I don't like to show people my pain. I don't know why. I guess I'm embarrassed to cry in front of people.

Sunday was terrible. I called my parents to talk. They were less than receptive. My mother started an argument. So we fought within a few minutes of being on the phone. She told me that they aren't going to help me at all with paying for anything. I am currently approved for three more visits to my gender therapist. Once that is done, I wont be able to pay to go there anymore. That pretty much shuts the door to transitioning. I really don't know what I'll do. I'm hoping that they will reevaluate me and approve me for more. It's a possibility.

That night, I started looking into other types of schooling. I need to look at all my options. With money being a big issue, I may have to take some time off, or at least drop to part time student. I'm going to have to work a lot more. I've been discussing my options with my best friend, and came up with a framework for me for the next year or so. Hopefully things will work out. I'm really on shaky ground right now. I could use some stability. I really hope that things will start looking up soon. I'm sick of being at the bottom.